Merlin is a cross-platform post-exploitation Command & Control server and agent written in Go.

Highlighted features:

  • Supported C2 Protocols: http/1.1 clear-text, http/1.1 over TLS, HTTP/2, HTTP/2 clear-text (h2c), http/3 (http/2 over QUIC)

  • Server and Agent: Windows, Linux, macOS (Darwin), MIPS, ARM or anything Go can natively build

  • Domain Fronting

  • Execute .NET assemblies in-process with invoke-assembly or in a sacrificial process with execute-assembly

  • Execute arbitrary Windows executables (PE) in a sacrificial process with execute-pe

  • Various shellcode execution techniques: CreateThread, CreateRemoteThread, RtlCreateUserThread, QueueUserAPC

  • OPAQUE Asymmetric Password Authenticated Key Exchange (PAKE)

  • Encrypted JWT for authentication

  • Agent traffic is an encrypted JWE using PBES2 (RFC 2898) with HMAC SHA-512 as the PRF and AES Key Wrap (RFC 3394) using 256-bit keys for the encryption scheme. (PBES2_HS512_A256KW)

  • Integrated Donut, sRDI, and SharpGen support

  • C2 traffic message padding to combat beaconing detections based on a fixed message size

  • Dynamically change the Agent's JA3 hash

  • Mythic support

An introductory blog post can be found here:

Download the latest compiled version of Merlin Server from the [releases]( section
> The Server package contains a compiled Agent for all the major operating systems in the `data/bin` directory


Extract the files with 7zip using the `x` function **The password is: `merlin`**


Start Merlin


Configure a [listener](


Deploy an agent. See [Agent Execution Quick Start Guide]( for examples


Pwn, Pivot, Profit

mkdir /opt/merlin;cd /opt/merlin
7z x merlinServer-Linux-x64.7z
sudo ./merlinServer-Linux-x64


The Merlin Agent is kept in its own repository so that it can easily be retrieved and compiled:

go get

The Windows DLL Agent is also kept in a separate repository. See the DLL Agent documentation for building instructions.

The Merlin server is a self-contained command line program that requires no installation. You just simply download it and run it. The command-line interface only works great if it will be used by a single operator at a time. The Merlin agent can be controlled through Mythic, which features a web-based user interface that enables multiplayer support, and a slew of other features inherent to the project.

Visit the Merlin repository in the MythicAgents organizaiton to get started.

Join the #merlin channel in the BloodHoundGang Slack to ask questions, troubleshoot, or provide feedback.

Thanks to JetBrains for kindly sponsoring Merlin by providing a Goland IDE Open Source license

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