Nagios Core is our original open-source monitoring solution, developed for and supported by hundreds of community members. Create your ideal monitoring and alerting tool with a flexible and extensible monitoring architecture.

Over 10,000 Commercial customers and countless community users trust Nagios to monitor their environment. No matter the industry, you can accomplish it all with Nagios.

Nagios Commercial Solutions

Nagios XI

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure quickly with the most powerful monitoring solution on the market.

Nagios Log Server

Quickly and easily view, analyze, and archive logs from any source in one central location.

Nagios Network Analyzer

See where your bandwidth is dipping or spiking with our commercial grade netflow data analysis solution.

Nagios Fusion

Using Nagios Fusion you gain a centralized visual operational status and enables faster problem resolution over your entire network.

Nagios Core Resources

Nagios Frontends

Web interfaces, themes, Windows and Linux interfaces, and mobile apps for Nagios. Change the look and style of Nagios to suit your needs.

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See additional projects that extend Nagios Core’s functionality.

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Datacenter monitoring

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