StackHawk is a dynamic application and API security testing tool built for developers. With powerful automation and integration capabilities, StackHawk gives engineers the ability to find and fix security vulnerabilities.

HawkScan The StackHawk scanner, HawkScan, is our command-line based security bug scanner powered by OWASP ZAP.

Built for DevOps is More

Application Security at the Speed of DevOps

Today’s environment of incremental changes deployed frequently requires a different approach to application security testing. Penetration tests and scheduled production scans no longer cut it. DevSecOps requires automated testing in CI/CD, notifying developers when they have introduced a new vulnerability, and equipping them for self-services fixes.

Security as a Developer Tool

DevSecOps requires security distributed throughout the engineering team. With configuration as code, DevOps pipeline automation, and self-service functionality, application security is now a developer tool.

  • Alert on scans and findings in chat tools

  • Manage findings in existing ticketing systems

  • Self service fix documentation

  • Manage configuration as code

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