The Simple Alternative to OpenStack

Migrate Your Enterprise Cloud to OpenNebula: The Cost-Effective Open Source Alternative to OpenStack

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Compared with OpenStack, OpenNebula provides a number of significant benefits to all those organizations willing to build an enterprise hybrid cloud and manage a combination of VM and Kubernetes workloads across multiple infrastructure resources:

OpenNebula vs OpenStack

Download our Competitive Pricing Review and discover the many benefits of migrating to OpenNebula!

Ready for a Test Drive?

Upgrade your enterprise cloud management experience with OpenNebula, the cost-effective open source virtualization platform based on KVM. Say goodbye to the complexity of OpenStack and embrace the simplicity of OpenNebula.

Open Cloud Architecture

OpenNebula provides cloud orchestration and provisioning features simple portals for cloud consumers and administrators, virtual data center management and provisioning, data center federation, management of multiple clusters, hybrid cloud connectors with public clouds, resource consumption control, and much more!

CEWE evaluated OpenStack as a potential solution but found it to be complex and costly to deploy, manage and maintain. In OpenNebula they found a more straightforward, flexible solution that comes also with an intuitive graphical user interface.


Apart from the best-effort support available through our Community Forum, OpenNebula Systems offers support subscriptions and professional services that provide corporate users with everything they might need for the evaluation, deployment, and management of an OpenNebula Cloud in a production environment. If you need help migrating from OpenStack to OpenNebula, let us know!\

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