Havoc Framework

Havoc Framework


Havoc is a modern and malleable post-exploitation command and control framework, created by @C5pider.

⚠️ Havoc is in an early state of release. Breaking changes may be made to APIs/core structures as the framework matures.

Consider supporting C5pider on Patreon/Github Sponsors. Additional features are planned for supporters in the future, such as custom agents/plugins/commands/etc.

Please see the Wiki for complete documentation.

Havoc works well on Debian 10/11, Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 and Kali Linux. It's recommended to use the latest versions possible to avoid issues. You'll need a modern version of Qt and Python 3.10.x to avoid build issues.

See the Installation guide in the Wiki for instructions. If you run into issues, check the Known Issues page as well as the open/closed Issues list.

Cross-platform UI written in C++ and Qt

  • Modern, dark theme based on Dracula

Written in Golang

  • Multiplayer

  • Payload generation (exe/shellcode/dll)

  • HTTP/HTTPS listeners

  • Customizable C2 profiles

  • External C2

Havoc's flagship agent written in C and ASM

  • Sleep Obfuscation via Ekko, Ziliean or FOLIAGE

  • x64 return address spoofing

  • Indirect Syscalls for Nt* APIs

  • SMB support

  • Token vault

  • Variety of built-in post-exploitation commands

  • Patching Amsi/Etw via Hardware breakpoints

  • Proxy library loading

  • Stack duplication during sleep.

You can join the official Havoc Discord to chat with the community!

To contribute to the Havoc Framework, please review the guidelines in Contributing.md and then open a pull-request!

Please do not open any issues regarding detection.

The Havoc Framework hasn't been developed to be evasive. Rather it has been designed to be as malleable & modular as possible. Giving the operator the capability to add custom features or modules that evades their targets detection system.

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