OpenNebula Multi-Cloud

Our Multi-Cloud Architecture is based on OpenNebula Clusters that can run Any Workload, on Any Resource, Anywhere, on-premises and on the public cloud.

Free Your Cloud from Vendor Lock-ins

To support digital transformation initiatives, IT departments need the right blend of on-premise, public, and edge cloud environments to support a variety of existing and emerging use cases involving the deployment of containers, virtual machines, and Kubernetes clusters. Multi-cloud strategies make provider independence possible, while addressing concentration risk and expanding service availability. A truly Multi-Cloud approach, along with automation and orchestration, are becoming increasingly important.

OpenNebula brings with it a powerful Multi-Cloud Architecture composed of Edge Clusters that can run any workload—both VMs and application containers—on any resource—bare-metal or virtualized—anywhere—on-premise, on the cloud, or at the edge. This innovative model enables true hybrid and multi-cloud computing by leveraging resources from different cloud and edge infrastructure providers and by combining public and private cloud operations with workload portability and unified management of IT infrastructure and applications.

Why an OpenNebula Multi-Cloud?

OpenNebula combines virtualization and container technologies with multi-tenancy, automatic provision, and elasticity to offer on-demand applications and services. It provides a single, feature-rich, and flexible platform with unified management of IT infrastructure and applications that avoids vendor lock-in and reduces complexity, resource consumption, and operational costs.\

OpenNebula helps organizations to easily embrace Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, and Edge Computing, allowing them to grow their Enterprise Cloud on-demand with infrastructure resources from public cloud and edge providers.

Combine application containers from Kubernetes and Docker Hub with traditional Virtual Machine workloads.

Expand your Enterprise Cloud by unlocking the power of a true hybrid, edge and multi-cloud architecture.

Add new resources dynamically to meet peaks in demand, or fault tolerance and latency requirements.

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