Coriolis® performs software defined migrations of virtual workloads among different clouds and virtualization solutions at scale, while also supporting DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) scenarios, for moving from traditional virtualization technologies to modern cloud infrastructure.

Coriolis truly excels in automating cloud migration in a scalable and reliable way, avoiding the need for countless manual steps, notoriously error prone and barely documented.

No Coriolis component is needed to be pre-installed on guest VMs for them to be migrated / replicated and neither are guest credentials required.

All external API/data transfer operations Coriolis performs are done through secure protocols such as HTTPS and SSH.

Any number of migrations/replicas can be performed at a given time, limited only by the underlying resource availability, storage or network IO and QoS rules.

Running VMs can be replicated with zero impact on business continuity given the underlying infrastructure supports live-snapshotting.

Replicas can be scheduled to be executed automatically at fixed times or with a given frequency.

The user can interact with Coriolis either through its REST API or through a modern Web UI.

Supported Cloud Providers

In order for Coriolis to create a migration or a replica, connections to source and destination clouds, called cloud endpoints are necessary. Coriolis supports a lot of providers straight out of the box.

Source platforms

  1. Linux servers

  2. VMware vSphere

  3. OpenStack

  4. Oracle VM Server (OVM)

  5. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  6. Microsoft Azure

  7. Microsoft Hyper-V

  8. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic

Destination platforms

  1. VMware vSphere

  2. OpenStack

  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  4. Microsoft Azure

  5. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  6. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X9-2

  7. Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

  8. Oracle VM Server (OVM)

  9. Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager

Demo Time

We recorded a set of videos showing how to use Coriolis to migrate Windows Server, Ubuntu, RHEL, Oracle Linux, SUSE, CentOS and Debian virtual machines from VMware vSphere to OpenStack, Azure / Azure Stack or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can also watch the whole cloud migration playlist here:

Where can i learn more?

A set of Guides, Reference documentation, Coriolis Features description, along with other useful resources can be found on the Coriolis Overview page.

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