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Artifact Hub is a web-based application that enables finding, installing, and publishing packages and configurations for CNCF projects. For example, this could include Helm charts and plugins, Falco configurations, Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Gatekeeper policies, OLM operators, Tinkerbell actions, kubectl plugins, Tekton tasks and pipelines, KEDA scalers, CoreDNS plugins, Keptn integrations, container images, Kubewarden policies, Kyverno policies, Knative client, Backstage plugins, Argo templates and KubeArmor policies.Discovering artifacts to use with CNCF projects can be difficult. If every CNCF project that needs to share artifacts creates its own Hub this creates a fair amount of repeat work for each project and a fractured experience for those trying to find the artifacts to consume. The Artifact Hub attempts to solve that by providing a single experience for consumers that any CNCF project can leverage.

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