Security and Compliance

  1. Cilium (Chart): Cilium is a powerful open-source networking and security project designed for containerized environments. It offers advanced networking and security features, including network visibility, security policies, and threat protection. Cilium can help protect your Kubernetes clusters and microservices against network-based attacks and provide enhanced security.

  2. KubeArmor (Chart): KubeArmor is an open-source security system designed for Kubernetes environments. It provides runtime security monitoring, allowing you to detect and prevent potential threats within your Kubernetes clusters. KubeArmor helps ensure the security and integrity of your containerized applications.

  3. m9sweeper (Chart): m9sweeper is a free and comprehensive Kubernetes security platform that simplifies the process of securing a Kubernetes cluster and its applications. It integrates a collection of industry-standard open-source security tools, making it easy for administrators to enhance cluster security and compliance. Some of the tools it includes are Trivy, Kubesec, kube-bench, OPA Gatekeeper, kube-hunter, and Project Falco. You can find the Helm chart for m9sweeper at m9sweeper's Helm Repository.

  4. NeuVector by SUSE (Chart): NeuVector by SUSE offers comprehensive container security and compliance solutions. It provides features like container firewall, runtime vulnerability scanning, and compliance monitoring to safeguard containerized applications and ensure regulatory compliance. NeuVector is an essential addition to your Kubernetes security arsenal, helping to protect your clusters from potential threats.

  5. Keycloak (Chart): Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management solution. It can help you manage user identities, authenticate, and authorize employees securely, enhancing data protection and access control. Keycloak Chart

  6. Vault (Chart): HashiCorp's Vault is a powerful secrets management and data protection tool. It's useful for securely storing and managing sensitive information such as API keys, passwords, and encryption keys. Vault Chart

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