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Use a single tool to deploy and manage your highly-distributed infrastructure at the edge and to easily connect it to your existing data center or cloud environments.

Expand your Enterprise Cloud to the Edge

OpenNebula comes out-of-the-box with a significant number of powerful edge computing features, providing an easy way to build and manage highly-distributed edge cloud environments using your private infrastructure at the edge. OpenNebula allows organizations to achieve a consistent application and operations experience across their entire Enterprise Cloud⁠—from their private cloud or core data centers all the way to their private deployments of edge node deployments.

OpenNebula’s unique approach helps you expand your Enterprise Cloud to the edge using leading open source technologies that prevent vendor lock-in. Now you can provide the smooth experience that your end-users expect while you successfully address regulatory, availability, resilience, latency, and cost requirements. OpenNebula simplifies your distributed edge cloud operations, leveraging the same automated provisioning, management, and orchestration capabilities that you would use for your centralized infrastructure.

Building your Private Edge Cloud has never been easier!

The Solution for Telco 5G/Edge Clouds

OpenNebula supports the most challenging Virtual Machine workloads, including Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and high-performance computing workloads. Telco​ customers can deploy both containerized and virtualized network functions side-by-side using OpenNebula. By virtualizing their radio access network (RAN), telecom/5G operators can quickly scale software-based network functions to place them at the edge.

By using OpenNebula for implementing their multi-access edge computing (MEC) strategies, service providers can quickly enable large-scale, latency-sensitive edge applications for their enterprise customers. OpenNebula also allows operators to deploy third-party edge services easily and seamlessly, ensuring the required network isolation and security while providing the application owner full control of their 5G/edge service deployment.

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