Full Life-Cycle

Agentless & Runtime

Vulnerability Management

Get the best of both worlds with agent and agentless scanning. Find and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited at runtime. Simplify setup and scanning using an agentless approach to find vulnerabilities across your cloud environment.

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Scan, Prioritize, and Fix Critical Vulnerabilities Fast

Get the best of both worlds. Simplify setup and maintenance with agentless host scanning for vulnerabilities. Save time and reduce noise by prioritizing vulnerabilities using runtime intelligence with an agent.

If my team logs in and sees 500 vulnerabilities, they then think, ‘Am I going to fix our vulnerability, or am I going to spend my time developing something that creates some money?’ Sysdig shows us what is important and how to fix it, which is key to reducing our risk, so we don’t waste our time.”

- Lead DevSecOps Cloud Security Architect

Reduce Noise and
Boost Productivity

Filter 95% of the noise and make it easy for developers to fix the most critical packages.


Simplify Your Toolkit

Deploy and scan in seconds with a consolidated agent plus agentless solution.


Secure the Entire Life Cycle

Secure your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline from source to run.

Uncover Hidden Risks on the Attack Path

The Sysdig cloud attack graph powered by runtime insights helps uncover the connections between in-use vulnerabilities, permissions, and real-time events to reveal the greatest risks.

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